We are proud to work for high profile private and corporate clients worldwide. Specialized in creating and staging bespoke, high-end events, entertainment and experiences, we will provide our services at any location of our clients preference.


For every new occasion, we work with a cherry-picked selection of our top-notch creative and production professionals, whom are amongst the best of their industry and credited for their high quality expertise, deliverance, discretion, integrity and experience with protocols in a multicultural world.


Having worked for and with international companies like Cirque du Soleil, MGM, Franco Dragone and many other well-known performers, musicians and performing companies, we have developed a unique skill set, experience and global network for bringing any type of entertainment, venue set up, audio-visual, technology, security as well as VIP hosting and gala dinner arrangements to any occasion.

Entertainment Specialist Founder & Managing Director

Gera's international career spans more than 25 years working with various international companies, like BodyGlove, Cirque du Soleil and with partners in the likes of MGM, Disney, Li & Fung, Nakheel Retail Corp. Dubai, Royal Albert Hall London, Live Nation, T4F and many more. Originally from The Netherlands, she covered Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, India, Middle East, Central America, the USA and Canada, garnering extensive business creative, entrepreneurial, financial, business development, strategic planning, show creation and productions, Front Of House, marketing, merchandising, touring operations, retail as well as project and general management experiences.


THRU Entertainment offers first class business and management and brand execution for high profile private and corporate clients. Our specialization features all aspects of entertainment and lavish events. With a special focus on bespoke and sensory experiences - THRU Entertainment provides seasoned management with access to a global network of connections to help our clients grow their business aspirations and realize their opportunities and dreams.


Our international team of professionals is providing our clients with a unique expertise of tailor-made services for almost any location in the world, with a keen knowledge, understanding and respect for cultural diversity, values and regulations of the mandate where ever in the world our clientele is located.


THRU Entertainment has build a sterling reputation for its creativity, sharpness, dedication, delivery and fast turn around times. Our quest for perfection and a solution-oriented business approach is based on an unfaltering work ethic, agility and personalized customer service.






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THRU Entertainment has been founded by Gera Landmeter in 2009 with the goal to deliver top-notch products and services to her clients, based on her and THRU's work ethics and values. With her dynamic, energetic personality and her eye for detail, she always strives to deliver nothing less than 100% to her clients' satisfaction.

Gera's international career spans more than 25 years working with various international companies like Cirque du Soleil, and with partners like MGM, Disney, Li&Fung, Nakheel Dubai, Royal Albert Hall London, Live Nation, T4F and many more. Originally from The Netherlands, currently residing in Canada, she covered Europe, Russia, Asia, India, Middle East, Central & Latin America, Canada and the USA. She garnished extensive creative business, entrepreneurial, financial, business development, strategic planning, show creation and productions, FOH, marketing, merchandising, licensing, touring operations, retail as well as project and general management experiences.


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