Mr.François Perron, General Manager Gallowglass Middle East LLC ~ Doha, Qatar

"Gera lifelong commitment and experience in the world-class entertainment is a great asset for anyone that looks for a custom made approach and client experience. Her THRU Entertainment team is able to propose small to large scale solutions for any kind of requests/needs within the shortest deadlines."


Mr. Welby Altidor, Executive Creative Director (Cirque du Soleil) ~ Montreal, Qc, Canada

"Rare are those who like Gera master the art of project management, the rigor needed for business development and the sensitivity that one needs to nurture artistic, original projects. Her extensive touring planning experience at Cirque du Soleil and later her entrepreneurial initiatives through her company has made her an enviable leader. In a world in constant, accelerated flux, a business and creative leader like Gera can offer both steadiness and innovative thinking to make projects truly happen. "


Ms. Matea Medaric, Lifestyle Blogger & Social Media Specialist ~ Dubai, U.A.E./Los Angeles, USA

"I have known and worked with Gera and her team for the past 2 years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on a project for Cle Dubai together with the Michel Star Chef Greg Malouf. Her dedication, professionalism, and talent have captured me right of the bet. I don’t only recommend working with her because of the high-quality service you will receive as her client but also for amazing genuine good-heartedness that comes with it. THRU Entertainment is the best in what they do and if you are looking to bring the global experience to your town, restaurant, party and etc. You won’t be disappointed."


Ms. Kelly Dove, President KG|KD Public Relations ~ Hollywood, USA

"Working with Gera and the THRU Entertainment team helped make our first major client event at the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences in Hollywood a resounding success. Their level of professionalism and attention to detail really helped make the event a night to remember."


Michelin-starred Executive Chef Greg Malouf ~ Dubai, U.A.E

"Gera Landmeter’s events company, THRU Entertainment delivered an amazing experience for Clé Dubai from October 13 till April 2015. Gera provided the content by Cirque Eloize triweekly and each event was faultless, effortless and spectacular. I’m happy to use her company’s expertise, if the opportunity presents itself again."


Mr. Kevin G. Clark, formerly Partner of KG|KD PR ~ USA/Canada

"Great quality- connections- and artistry! Highly recommended!!"


Mrs. Suhasni Sagar Singh, General Manager Stradd+ ~ Hong Kong

"Gera and I have been working together since our time at Cirque Du Soleil and during the past years with her and her company THRU Entertainment.  We have collaborated on many projects and events in Middle East, Asia, as well as India and it has always been great working with her. She is an out of box thinker, organized, detailed and always ready to find a solution and deliver the best.”


Mr. Guy Berthiaume, President & CEO BAnQ ~ Canada

"Gera's and THRU's vast experience, knowledge and attention to detail have resulted in a clear portrait regarding our business development and launch."


Ms. Shannon McGuey, General Manager, Imperial Suites ~ Canada

Gera Landmeter is dedicated, ambitious, creative, experienced and connected around the world. She has a ton of resources that allow her to organize whatever your needs are, in a fast and efficient way. She has the highest level of ethics, and will go out of her way to ensure she exceeds expectations. All with a smile on her face. I highly recommend Gera and THRU.  


Mr. Olivier Monnais, formerly General Manager Club Sommet ~ Canada

"Working with THRU Entertainment and its representative, Gera Landmeter, has been nothing but pure pleasure. From the first meeting to the last, from the early budget discussion to the final approval, the entire process works like a Swiss watch. And it shows... The result was fantastic."


Ms. Veronica Venditelli, General Manager Bannerpen Inc. ~ Canada

"Working with Gera and her team has been a breath of fresh air. We highly recommend working with THRU."


Mr. Brian Edgar, General Manager at BestSeller ~ Canada

Gera is a reliable professional, with integrity, who works in absolute confidentiality and is a real pleasure to work with.

We are very satisfied with the results and will continue using Gera’s and THRU Entertainment services."

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